Lesson 15 Fifty pence worth of trouble 五十便士的麻烦

Lesson 15 Fifty pence worth of trouble 五十便士的麻烦

一、重点词汇、短语拓展解析New words and expressions

appreciate v. 欣赏,感激,pocket money 零用钱,rattle v. 格格作响,thrifty adj. 节俭的,nephew n. 侄子,外甥,bounce v. 弹起,跳起,pavement n. 人行道,stick ( stuck, stuck ) v. 卡住,夹住,不能再动,brigade n. 旅, (消防)队,grease n. 润滑油

新概念英语第三册lesson15重点词汇,句型,语法解析及重点句子翻译 v.交换;兑换 n.交换;交易所;兑换;交战exchange v.交换;兑换 n.交换;交易所;兑换;交战

We exchanged addresses. 我们交换了地址。

We exchanged Christmas cards.我们互送圣诞贺卡。

They exchanged glances.他们互相扫了一眼。

Miss Gan and I exchanged smiles.甘小姐和我相视一笑。

The two men exchanged greetings.他们两人互相打招呼。

We exchanged a few words.我们互相聊了几句。

exchanges for: 换取,以......来交换

If the car you have bought is unsatisfactory, you can exchange it for another. 如果您对租用的车辆不满意,可以换一辆。

I exchanged the book for a pen made in China. 我用书换了一中国制造的钢支笔。

Unwanted gifts were exchanged for more desirable ones.人们把不想要的礼品换成了自己喜欢的东西。

The little girl exchanged her pen for candy.

exchange sth with sb exchange+smile, look, greetings ’ 同某人交换…

He exchanged a quick smile with her, and then entered the lift.他与她匆匆相视一笑,然后进入电梯。

He exchanged nods with Ma Yun. 他和马云互相点头致意。

He exchanged blows with a young man. 他和一个年轻人互殴起来。

He wants to exchange his house, perhaps with a family trying to leave Guangzhou.他想和别人换房子,也许会和一家想要离开广州的人家交换。

2. rattle v. 格格作响

3. thrifty adj. 节俭的


4. bounce v. 弹起,跳起

The coin was bounced.

同义词:jump (跳跃), leap (跃), hop (单足跳), spring (弹跳;n. 弹簧), skip (跳跃;略过)

5. stick ( stuck, stuck ) v. 卡住,夹住,不能再动


You must stick to your idea.

Stick the stamp on the envelop.

stick with:忠实于...... (=be faithful to )

His arm was stuck. 他的胳膊被卡住了。

6. brigade n. 旅, (消防)队

fire brigade: 消防队

= fire department

= fire station

7.appreciate v. 欣赏,感激

The poem is too difficult for me to appreciate.

I appreciate your help. = be thankful / grateful to sb.


二、课文重点句型语法分析及翻译Lesson15 Fifty pence worth of trouble

1. Children always appreciate small gifts of money. Father, of course, provides a regular supply of pocket-money, but uncles and aunts are always a source of extra income. 孩子们总是喜欢得到一些零花钱。爸爸妈妈当然经常给孩子零花钱,但是,叔舅婶姨也是孩子们额外收入来源。

1. appreciate的基本词义是:欣赏,感激等。特别注意: 这个词宾语是物,不可以接人作宾语。

(1) 欣赏: He really appreciates fine furniture. 他懂得欣赏好的家具。

(2) 感激: We appreciate all the help you gave us. 我们感激你给我们的帮助。

本句中,引申为:喜欢=enjoy, 翻译作:孩子们总是喜欢得到些零花钱。

Tip: 很多时候,词语的意思要根据上下文联系来判断。

2. provide a regular supply of …定期地提供……

provide sth. for sb./ provide sb. with sth. 为某人提供某物品

The villagers provided a regular supply of food for the soldiers.

=The villagers provided the soldiers with a regular supply of food.

零用钱的几种表达法:extra income, small gifts of money, pocket money



2. With some children, small sums go a long way. If six pences are not exchanged for sweets, they rattle for months inside money-boxes. 对于有些孩子来说,少量的钱可以花很长一段时间。如果六便士不拿来换糖吃,则可以放在储蓄罐里叮当响上好几月。介词With和For的区别:“对于……来说”介词for----“关于,对于……来说,考虑到……的事实”

The weather is quite warm for November.

For him, this will be an entirely new hobby.


With some people, pleasure is more important than work.

With frugal housewives, they made their small income go a long way.

Some people may accept that excuse, but it won’t work with me.

With other children, small sums can’t go a long way.

go a long way 维持很久

The money we have will go a long way.

go a long way towards: 对……大有帮助

This will go a long way towards overcoming the difficulty.(overcome: 战胜,克服)



A. 介词for----“关于,对于……来说,考虑到……的事实”

The weather is quite warm for November. 对十一月来说,这儿的天气很暖和了。

For him, this will be an entirely new hobby. 对他来说,这是全新的爱好。

B. 介词with----“在某一方面”(多用于二者的比较)

With some people, pleasure is more important than work. 对有些人来说,享乐比工作重要。

Some people may accept that excuse, but it won’t work with me. 有些人可能会接受那样的借口,但是我绝对不容许。

piece 这里是硬币的意思,等于:coin

pence: 便士 (penny 便士的复数:pence)

a fifty pence: 一个五十便士的硬币

a fifty penies: 五十个一便士的硬币


rattle: 叮当作响 ==tinkle,这里引申为:存放(keep),用了拟声词,使句子很生动。

The milk bottles rattled in the crate.牛奶瓶在板条箱里发出咣当咣当的碰撞声。

( move noisily ) 隆隆地行进;哐啷哐啷地移动

The bus rattled into a dusty village.那辆公共汽车哐啷哐啷地驶入一个尘土弥漫的村庄。

The train rattled along at about 30 mph.火车以大约每小时30英里的速度隆隆地向前行驶。

roar:呼啸(重点突出老虎、狮子等大动物的鸣叫声)The car roared by me. 车子呼啸着从我身边飞驰过。

shout at: 大喊大叫 = bark at,grunt 猪的呼噜声,咕嘟地说着,He is grunting. 咕哝的,哼哼唧唧的

slam: 砰的一声:She went out, slamming the door behind her.



3. Only very thrifty children manage to fill up a money-box. For most of them, sixpence is a small price to pay for a satisfying bar of chocolate.但是能把储蓄罐装满的只有屈指可数的几个特别节俭的孩子。对大部分孩子来说,用50便士来买一大块好的巧克力,是算不了什么的。fill up: 装满

Potatoes fill us up without overloading us with calories. 土豆容易使我们产生饱腹感,使我们不摄入过多的卡路里。

The waitress kept filling up everyone’s glass with wine. 服务员把每个人的杯子都斟满酒。

1.up ----表示方向


up to ----表示到达目的地



They walked up the street.

The children run up the garden path to greet their father.

3. 系列动词 + up ---- 表示消费,摧毁,彻底,光,用完

burn up

eat up

use up 用光

Drink up your whisky.

Eat up your vegetable.

Finish it up.

4. 表示积存,从少到多,积少成多

We must lay up some boiled food for the winter.

= store up, hold up, gather up


They are sailing up the Thames.

The house is up the river.

6.动词 + up ----表示包起来、封住、盖住

button up 扣上钮扣

wrap up 包裹起来

lock up 锁上 lock the house up

fasten up 栓起来

save up 赚钱

wash up 洗碗盆

do up 包扎,包装,系好

price (1)价格:a price tag 价签,(2)Pay the price for sth.为某事付出代价

For him, two thousand dollars is a small price to pay for it. 对他而言,花2000美元买来那件东西,是算不了什么的。


4. My nephew, George, has a money-box but it is always empty. Very few of the sixpences I have given him have found their way there. 我的外甥乔治有一个储蓄罐,但总是空空的。我给了不少50便士的硬币,但没有几个存到储蓄罐里。find their way there = reach 抵达,到达, 找到自己的去处

Rivers find their way to the sea.

After a while I pulled myself to my feet and found my way to the street.过了一会儿我站起身来,走到了大街上。

Sarah found her way to the hotel all right, but she couldn't then find her way back home.萨拉顺利地来到饭店,可是后来却找不到回家的路了。

How did such a foolish statement find its way into print? 这样愚蠢的话怎么会印出来呢。


find one's way out 寻找解决方法find one's way to v. 到达find one's way 找到路 认得路out of one's way 远离某人所走的路,不顺道find one's way down the stairs 下楼梯find one's way through 穿过,通过,挤过go out of one's way 特意,专门 不怕麻烦,尽力地get … out of one's way 把…从某人面前搬开;不使…妨碍某人carve out one's way v. 开辟道路get ... out of one's way 把…从某人面前搬开,不使…妨碍某人5. I gave him sixpence yesterday and advised him to save it. Instead, he bought himself sixpence worth of trouble. 昨天,我给了他50便士让存起来,却拿这钱给自己买了50便士的麻烦。

advise: 建议

advise sb. to do sth. : 建议某人做某事(结果在所不问)

persuade sb. to do sth.: 说服某人做某事(说服成功)


fifty pence worth of trouble: 五十便士的麻烦


6. On his way to the sweet shop, he dropped his sixpence and it rolled along the pavement and then disappeared down a drain. 在他去糖果店的路上,50便士掉在地上,在人行道上跳了几下,掉进了阴沟里。drop vt.& vi. (使)落下;投下;(使)降低;减少

vt. 放弃;停止;(故意)降下;垂下(眼睛)



1. at the drop of a hat毫不迟疑地;马上;随时

It's a joy being able to whip up a delicious meal at the drop of a hat.能够立即做出一顿美食是一件乐事。

2. a drop in the ocean | a drop in the bucket九牛一毛;沧海一粟

Even this is a drop in the ocean compared to the sums wasted on promotion.跟浪费在宣传上的钱相比,这也只算是沧海一粟。

3. to have the drop on sb 比某人占优势;胜过某人;占某人上风

There aren't too many events in which Sweden has the drop on America, but this is one of them.瑞典强于美国的比赛项目不多,但这个是其中之一。

4. to have had a drop too much 喝醉了;喝多了

He had had a drop too much of the hard stuff. 他喝了太多烈酒,醉了。

7. George took off his jacket, rolled up his sleeves and pushed his right arm through the drain cover. 乔治脱掉外套,卷起袖子,将右胳膊伸进了阴沟盖。

take off, rolled up, push这一系列的动词构成a, b and c的平行结构,很形象地描述了事件的发展,很有连贯性。

roll vi. 滚动; vt. 滚动

The pencil rolled under the table.

He rolled the ball towards the puppy.

roll up:卷起,挽起

We will need to roll up the carpet.


8. He could not find his sixpence anywhere, and what is more, he could not get his arm out. 但他摸了半天也没找到那50便士硬币,他的胳膊反倒退不出来了。


what is more important 更重要的是

what is worse 更糟糕的是

what is more 更甚者

what is rare 更罕见的是

9. A crowd of people gathered round him and a lady rubbed his arm with soap and butter, but George was firmly stuck. 这时在他周围上了许多人,一位女士在乔治胳膊上抹了肥皂,黄油,但乔治的胳膊仍然卡得紧紧的。

gather round 聚在周围

rub his arm with sth. ... 用......涂抹他的手臂


be stuck 陷在(地方),动不了


His car was stuck in the mud. 他的车陷在泥里了。


10. The fire-brigade was called and two firemen freed George using a special type of grease. 有人打电话叫来消防队,两位消防队员使用了一种特殊的润滑剂才使乔治得以解脱。






to make free with sb/sth随意使用…;对…放肆无礼

They are making free with your property.他们在随意处置你的财产。

British soldiers were making free with French women.英国士兵对待法国女性放肆无礼。

11. George was not too upset by his experience because the lady who owns the sweet shop heard about his troubles and rewarded him with a large box of chocolates. 不过,此事并没使乔治过于伤心,因为糖果店老板娘听说了他遇到的麻烦后,赏给他一大盒巧克力。rewarded him with a large box of chocolates.赏给他一大盒巧克力

The link between performance and reward continues to increase.业绩和酬劳之间的联系越来越紧密。

Current employment laws will be changed to reward effort and punish laziness.

You deserve a reward for being so helpful. 你帮了这么大的忙,理应受到奖励。

Winning the match was just reward for the effort the team had made. 赢得比赛的胜利是全队付出努力应得的回报。

reward构成的固定短语reward for 因…的酬谢;作为…的回报as a reward for 作为…的报酬;作为…的回报reward system 奖赏系统;奖励系统reward with 奖赏.offer a reward 悬赏in reward for 作为报答;作为…的报酬in reward of 作为奖励;为酬答… 新概念英语第三册lesson15重点词汇,句型,语法解析及重点句子翻译

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